Bruce Township, ON

This township [Bruce] is bounded on the north by the township of Saugeen; on the east by Greenock; on the south by Kincardine; and on the west by Lake Huron. The County Valuators, in their Report, say of this township: “We found here a fair share of good land, which rims in an angling direction from Inverhuron to Paisley. It has more inferior land than any of the other front townships. Its Lake Range is almost worthless, as the timber is burnt off and, in most places, nothing is left but the bare stones; also two sandy strips that run through Huron and Kincardine join at its southern boundary and widens out, and forms into a flat swamp which runs across the township to the seventh concession.” There are four post offices in the township, viz: Gresham, Inverhuron, Underwood and Willow Creek. First published in the “Bruce County Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1880-81” published by William W. Evans

Cenotaphs & Cemeteries


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